Meeting Agenda 26 May 2020

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To mark your attendance to this week’s meeting please fill out the following form:

Location: Google Meet
Date: 26 May 2020
Time: 1900 – 2000
Join link will be published at 1830

1830-1900 – Cadet chain of command perform status check of members of their units. Along with the group meeting, there will be links for flight time. Check if anyone is sick or needs assistance. Be prepared to report at commencement of meeting.

1900 – Main Google meet will commence. Cadet chain of command to report in on status checks.
Will cover any housekeeping items needed at this time.

1905 – Safety

1915 or when Safety is complete – Aerospace

1935 or when Aerospace is complete – Memorial Day History & Map Reading
Cadets, be prepared to answer questions and participate over voice or through the chat.

2010 or when the discussion is complete – Change of Command

2015 – All members who do not have further needs are dismissed. Drill tests as needed.

All cadets should come ready to learn and participate. Join your Flight Google Meet before attending the general 1900 session.

If you are unable to attend the meeting or are having difficulties, inform staff using the form at the top. To request a drill test or written exam, notify the testing officer using the form at the top.