Young people can apply for cadet membership online. Alternatively, hard copy CAPF 15 applications will continue to be accepted. Online applications improve the membership process in several ways, including:

  • Cadets can join more quickly and attend special activities as soon as the commander or designee approves the application – there’s no time lost waiting for the US Mail.
  • Cadet applications will not need to be returned due to incomplete information – the online application will automatically check for errors as applicants enter their data.
  • Cadet textbooks and uniforms will ship more quickly.
  • CAP ensures all parents / guardians receive a basic introduction to the Cadet Program by way of the online application.

How to Use the Online Cadet Member Applications

  1. Prospective cadets will first visit our squadron. CAP squadrons require prospective cadets to attend three meetings before the commander approves their membership application, and further require a parent or guardian to make a brief, in-person visit to the squadron.  At the third meeting, cadets will need to bring in their birth certificate (or form I-151 or I-155) and will then receive the information needed to complete the online application, found here:
  2. Applications can be made from any location that has web access – home or the squadron. The on-screen instructions tell prospective cadets that they will need a parent’s or guardian’s help in completing it. National membership dues of $35.00 are payable with Visa, Mastercard, or Discover online. Applicants who prefer to pay via check or money order can do so via a paper copy CAPF 15 and the US Mail.
  3. Upon the commander or designee approving the application, eServices will send the prospective cadet an email announcing the good news and providing helpful advice on how to get started in CAP.