General Information

Thank you for supporting your son’s or daughter’s interest in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program. Through their experiences in CAP, our cadets develop into responsible citizens and become tomorrow’s leaders. The leadership skills, self-confidence, and discipline cadets gain through CAP prepares them to achieve whatever goals they set for themselves in life.  Youth must be at least 12 and not yet 19 to join CAP. 

As a parent, you are also welcome to participate in CAP. No prior military service or special skills are required. Whether you want to help chaperone cadets once in a while or become a full-fledged senior member active in CAP missions, we would love to have you get involved in CAP.

  • Parents Committeehelp arrange carpools, plan social events, raise funds, and connect the squadron to your hometown by serving on an informal parents’ committee
  • Cadet Sponsor Member occasionally support cadets as a chaperone or driver, or provide expertise to leadership
  • Senior Member take a leadership role in the Cadet Program, and/or participate in CAP’s aerospace education and emergency services missions

If you have an interest in any of these opportunities, please let us know and we’ll help you get started. Please feel free to email us on the contact page if you have a question or concern about CAP.

Fees, Dues

The cost for National cadet membership is currently $41 a year for initial and renewal membership, and dues for our Squadron are $25 a year.  Senior member National dues are $66 a year, and squadron dues are $25.  National dues can be paid online, and when renewing, please remit annual squadron dues in a check made out to NYW CAP NY030.

Cadets will need 2 uniforms - CAP is transitioning to the camouflage ABUs (Airman Battle Uniform) from the current BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform).  The BDUs may continue to be worn until 15 June 2021.  The second uniform is the Air Force style Dress Blue uniform.  Uniforms are available at  

  • A set of ABUs or BDUs, along with boots, patches, and insignia, will need to be purchased for your cadet. Use these guides to order the new style ABUs or the old style BDUs.  
  • Dress Blues - National HQ offers a $100 voucher towards the cost of the Dress Blue uniform once the cadet earns his/her first promotion. The voucher will come from Vanguard and be sent to the cadet's email address. This voucher expires in 45 days, so use it right away!  Here's a guide to ordering the Dress Blue uniform.