Interested in attending the 2021 NY Wing Encampment?

Encampment can be the most significant, memorable, and worthwhile training experience in a Civil Air Patrol cadet’s career. In addition to training cadets receive at Encampment, cadets experience many exciting activities not offered at the squadron level. Encampments are designed to give cadets a chance to learn and grow in a challenging environment. NY Wing Encampment provides an opportunity for cadets who are about to be NCOs to develop the leadership skills necessary to take the next step in their squadron and wing.  

NY Wing Encampment is held each summer at Stratton Air National Guard Base in Scotia, NY. The date for the 2021 Encampment is 17 - 24 July (tentative). You must be at least a Cadet Airman (Curry Award) by 13 June to attend.   

To apply, visit the NY Wing Encampment site and fill out an online application. Once you've submitted your online application, you'll be able to print Part 2. Part 2 must be signed by parents or guardian and the Squadron Commander. Mail this, along with the $210 encampment fee, to the Encampment Registrar. The application must be postmarked by the deadline of TBA.

National CAP has announced a financial aid program for cadets attending an encampment for the first time. Applications for assistance will be open on 1 March.  Find out more at this link - National CAP.

Key Info:

Dates:  17 - 24 July 2021 (Tentative)

Location:  Stratton Air National Guard Base

Deadline:  Application must be signed by the Commander & postmarked by TBA

Helpful Hints

At Encampment, most of the time you'll be in BDUs/ABUs, so make sure your boots are well broken in.  You'll also be getting lots of exercise - do some running, and practice pushups and situps before you go.