Useful Regulations

CAPM 39-1  Civil Air Patrol Uniform Manual

CAPR 39-2  Civil Air Patrol Membership

CAPR 39-3  Award of CAP Medals, Ribbons and Certificates

CAPP 52-15  Cadet Staff Handbook

CAPP 52-18  Cadet Physical Fitness Program - draft

CAPR 52-16  Cadet Program Management

AFMAN 36-2203  Drill and Ceremonies

CAP Test 78-2  Drill & Ceremonies Practical Tests for Achievements 1 - 8

Ground & Urban Direction Finding Team Tasks Guide

Commonly Used Forms

Base Access Form - Required for everyone entering Stewart ANG Base

CAP Forms:

CAP Form 2a - Request for and Approval of Personnel Action

CAP Form 31 - Application for CAP Encampment or Special Activity

CAP Form 60-80 - Cadet Activity Permission Form

CAP Form 160 - CAP Member Health History Form

CAP Form 161 - Emergency Information

CAPF 163 - Permission for Administration of Cadet Minor Over-the-Counter Medication

Link for all CAP forms