Getting online:
  1. Register in eServices - the screens have changed a little, but here's a detailed guide that will show you how. Bookmark this page - you'll use it often!  
  2. After you've established your account, log back in and you'll be prompted to complete the initial OPSEC training. When done, you'll have access to all of eServices.
  3. Update your profile and add parent and emergency contact info - here's a helpful screenshot.
  4. Visit the Blog page on this website and sign up for notification of new posts. Parents should also subscribe to receive the latest Squadron news.   
Steps to first promotion - Cadet Airman, Curry Award:
  1. Take your first leadership test (online).
    • In eServices go to Cadet Programs link on left side.
    • Click on Cadet Online Testing.
    • Select Leadership Tests - this link will have both the Leadership 1 textbook and the test. The test is open book, so open the textbook in another browser window if you'd like to easily reference it.  The test is timed, so it's a good idea to read through the textbook before taking the test.  
  2. Take your first fitness test - the standards for Achievement 1 are on the Cadet SuperChart.
  3. Take your first drill test - you'll learn what you need to know at the meetings.
  4. Memorize the cadet oath.
Uniform Guide

Cadets will need two uniforms - the camouflage ABUs (Airman Battle Uniform) or the BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform); and the Air Force style Dress Blue Service Uniform.

  • ABUs - can be ordered as soon as you join. The old style BDU's are being phased out but can continue to be worn until 15 June 2021. See this letter for more information - CAP Transition to the Airman Battle Uniform (ABU). Use this guide to order ABUs
  • Dress Blues Service Uniform - after you promote to Cadet Airman (your first promotion), you'll be emailed a $100 voucher from Vanguard towards the purchase of dress blues. It expires in 45 days, so use it right away!  Here's a guide to help you order the Dress Blue uniform.  

Useful Links

New Cadet Guide - pdf document from National CAP

Help for New Cadets - National CAP webpage of helpful links

eServices screenshot

Cadet SuperChart

Personal Cadet Tracker


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