ES Training Requirements

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To attend the ES training this Saturday, and all ES training…

To participate you must have:

  1. Your Airman rank (Curry award), Level 1 for Senior members
  2. 101 Card with GES endorsement (see website under Cadets > Training > 101 Card)
  3. Valid CAP ID card (can be printed from eServices – click on name to bring up My Account > General Info)
  4. Proper field uniform (BDU/ABU)
  5. Food, water, and equipment required for training (24-hour pack, etc. Squadron has limited loaner equipment, ask if you need it)
  6. Print any SQTRs for the tasks you want to train for (eServices > Operations > Operation Qualifications > Entry/View Worksheet)

You’ll also need to complete the following forms (see website under Cadets > Cadet Resources):

CAPF 31 – Activity Permission Form

CAPF 161 – Emergency Information

CAPF 163 – OTC Medication Permission