ES Bivouac on August 11 – 13

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As a reminder, our squadron will be participating in this ES Bivouac on 11-13 August in Greenville, NY (just south of Albany). The bivouac will coincide with the NYW TRAEX. We will be training at all levels for Ground Teams (GTM3 – GTL), Mission Radio Operator, Mission Base Staff (GBD-OSC, MSO), Mission Staff Assistants, Financial Section Chief, and Logistics. They will have K-9(s) to train with and are working to get a helicopter ground school class.

The site has showers and bathroom facilities. There will be plenty of areas for tents to be set up. They have arranged for catered meals for dinner, and food will be provided for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The cost will be $15 a day and transportation will be available in the group van.

To participate you must have:

  1. Must be at least an Airman (Curry award), Level 1 for Senior members
  2. A GES endorsement on 101 Card
  3. Be safety current
  4. A valid CAP ID card (can be printed from eServices)
  5. Proper Field uniform (BDU/ABU)
  6. Equipment on packing list linked below – members are encouraged to contact one another to share tents

If you are interested in going, please register using the sign-up form below and complete the necessary forms.

Bivouac Sign Up Form

Packing List

CAPF 31 – Activity Permission Form

CAPF 161 – Emergency Information

CAPF 163 – OTC Medication Permission