Town of Newburgh E-Newsletter article on CAP

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Release Date: July 07, 2016

Shown above at the ceremony (left to right): Assemblyman Frank Skartados, Cadet Commander C/MSGt Mason Wynkoop, Supervisor Gil Piaquadio, Squardon Commander Gil Piaquadio, Jr., Deputy Squadron Commander Christian Granda, and Catskill Mountain Group Commander Major William Martin.

A special award ceremony was held at Town Hall on July 5th to acknowledge the seventy fifth anniversary of the Civil Air Patrol.  Proclamations were presented by Supervisor Piaquadio on behalf of the Town of Newburgh Assembly Frank Skartados representing New York State and County Executive  Stephen Neuhaus (who was not present) on behalf of Orange County.

The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) was founded on Dec 1, 1941 to supplement the U.S. Military During World War II.

The Civil Air Patrol was designated as the U.S. Air Forces’ official auxiliary.

CAP provides vital homeland security missions that help ensure the protection of the nation’s Capital and nation as a whole by assisting Air Force pilots with target intercept training.

CAP provides exceptional educational and growth opportunities for youth from learning to Fly powered or glider aircraft, as well as more than 30 national programs emphasizing leadership and careers in aviation.

The Civil Air Patrol meets on the grounds of the Air National Guard Base For further information  visit

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