REMINDER for Rocket Launch & Education Outreach/Recruiting Opportunity

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This is a reminder that today is the 4-H Family Fun Day at their Education Center in Otisville. CAP will be performing a model rocket launch as a demonstration for the 4-H youth, and we’ll be assisting them in launching their own.

We’ve also been asked to assist with parking. You must be at least 16 to do this. Food will be provided to those who help with the rocket launch and parking.

Please note that a sign up form was put out with the last email. If you are coming to this event intending to participate in the rocket launch/assisting with parking, please fill out the following form.

Sign Up Form

Event:  Aerospace Education Outreach & Rocket Launch

When:  Saturday, 29 July, rocket launch from 6 – 7 pm, parking anytime between 10 am and 6 pm that you can help

Location:  4-H Education Center and Park, 300 Finchville Turnpike, Otisville, NY – see calendar for a map

UOD:  BDU/ABU only if helping with launch or parking, all others civilian clothes

Contact for the event:  C/CMSgt, (845) 857-4740