Orientation Flight Opportunity

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Our group, Catskill Mountain Group, will be conducting the following O-Flights:

Friday, 19 August at 9 am
Tuesday, 23 August at 1 pm

If you have at least your Curry award (C/Amn) and are interested, please email at Maj Pimpiano with your Name & Grade, Weight, CAPID and Syllabus # (1 if this is your first flight).


Sir, I would be interested in participating on 19 August.

Name:  C/Amn John Smith
Weight:  150 lbs
CAPID:  123123
Syllabus #:  1

O-Flights leave out of Orange County Airport, Montgomery, NY.  Every cadet sits for about an hour in the front seat, while two others sit in the back.  Because of this, the flights typically take at least 3 hours but can go longer, so plan accordingly.  Please bring water and a snack.  A lounge is available for parents to wait in, if they’d like.  Uniform is BDUs or ABUs – no civilian clothes.

Please reply asap – those who reply sooner, will be considered first for selection.  Cadets who have not had an O-Flight yet will be given priority.  Additional information will be sent out to those responding.

Maj John Pimpiano