Operations Orders 10 May 2016

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1. Situation

Weekly Meeting: 19
Location: Stewart ANGB, HQ Bldg 203
Date: 10 May, 2016
Time: 1820-2100
CQ: Alpha Flight

2. Missions and Execution
1830-1840: Opening formation
1840-1940: State police canine demonstration
1940-2000: Basic navigation
2000-2030: Leadership class
2030-2050: Flight time
2050-2100: Closing formation

3. Service & Support
The Flight Sergeants will form the flights at 2050. CQ will report to C/CC after dismissal. CQ cannot leave until they are given permission from the Flight Sergeants. If you have any questions address them to your Flight Sergeant. Inform your Flight Sergeant if you unable to attend a meeting. If you do not inform your Flight Sergeant of your absence repeatedly, then you will not be permitted to attend meetings. Also please bring water, notebook, and a pen or two. Let’s all be responsible, here.