Northeast Region Evaluated Exercise – 4-8 Nov 2020

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Northeast Region will be conducting an Air Force Evaluated Exercise from 4-8 November. We are looking to see what members are available for tasking on those days. In addition, there will be Ground Team training on 7 November in conjunction with this exercise.

Evaluated Exercise:
Sign-up: Section 1 of sign-up form
Location: Alert from home. Instructions will be received in the alert.
Date/Time: 4-8 Nov as tasked by NER within the period you signed up for.
UOD: Appropriate uniform for task – ABU with cold-weather gear for Ground Team or Mission Base, Flight Suit for Aircrew
Equipment: Full equipment for task – 24-hr pack for Ground Team
Qualifications: GES (Required), Must be in at least trainee status for given area training for (ex. GTM3(T) for Ground Team, MS(T) for Aircrew, MSA(T) or MRO(T) for Mission Base)
Documentation: CAPID, 101 Card, and CAPF 161 on person

Ground Team Training:
Sign-up: Section 2 of sign-up form
Location: TBD
Date/Time: 7 Nov 2020 – 0900-1630
UOD: ABU with cold-weather gear
Equipment: 24-hour pack (recommended), water and lunch (required)
Qualifications: GES (required) Trainee status not required, but recommended
Documentation: CAPID, 101 Card, and CAPF 161 on person

Sign-up Form HERE

As always, COVID precautions will be observed. Please come prepared with proper PPE including a mask. There will be a health screening at the beginning of the activity to include a non-contact temperature check.

POC is Capt Kuliszewski at or 845-238-1944