Knot Practice

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Last night we started learning some basic knots and braiding.   We will continue next week.  Till then practice so we can pick up where we left off.   Below are pictures from a class that was put on by Brandon Koch, one of my instructors.    Also there will links to Terry Barney, my mentor and instructor who I will teach most of my classes from.  He has made many videos to demonstrate what we learned in class.


The knots that will be covered are:

1) Figure 8 on a bight

2) Sheet bend

3) Two half Hitches

4) Tautline Hitch

5) Canadian Jam Knot


First knot, Figure 8 on a bight: (Bight meaning a loop)

First grasp the rope in your left hand:

Then take your right and grab the other end



Wrap that end around the length of the rope



Then feed the loop up thru the hole you created



Pull tight


Second Knot, Sheetbend

First make a bight in the larger rope

Then run the smaller rope under and up thru the larger

Then under both sections of the larger rope

And back under itself

Pull tight


Third Knot, Two Half Hitches

Start by looping around object you are tying off to

Then go over the top of the line and under and thru

Then back under the line

And over the top and thru the loop you just formed

Then pulling tight


Fourth Knot, Tautline Hitch

Start my looping around object

Making sure to have quite a length on the working end, start to make your loops

Go around twice

Then going parallel to the rope, go back under the opposite direction and thru, pulling tight

Fifth knot, Canadian Jam

First make an overhand knot.

Then make a second knot under it but don’t pull tight yet.

Next take your running end and pass it though the open knot making sure to be right next to it and not on the opposite side of the knot.


Now when you tighten this around an object the two knots will jam against each other