Duty Assignment Announcements

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I am publishing the following memos to ensure everyone is aware of new duty assignments being made within the squadron. There are two memos – one from 25 May and one from today. The assignment list is as follows:

Cadet Commander: C/1st Lt William LaCombe
Deputy Cadet Commander: C/2d Lt Stephen Racite
Mission Support Officer: C/CMSgt Isabel Borges
First Sergeant: C/CMSgt Jia Fu Phang
Alpha Flight Commander: C/CMSgt Bryghton Narain
Alpha Flight Sergeant: C/SSgt Jaylin Laguer
Bravo Flight Commander: C/CMSgt Marco Martini
Bravo Flight Sergeant: C/SMSgt Martin Saenz

Aerospace Education Officer: SM Dylan Ferguson
Personnel Officer: SM Kathryn LaCombe (pending Level 1)
Assistant Leadership Officer: 2d Lt Dave Laguer (ADY from NY-015)

25 May 2021 Memo – LINK
01 July 2021 Memo – LINK

Contact me with questions if you have them.

Capt Kuliszewski