Space Force STEM Opportunity

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To celebrate the Space Force’s first birthday the USSF is putting together 30 minute zoom presentations led by Space Force members! These presentations will outline why space exploration is so important and space related career opportunities!

To register follow one of the links below and fill out the necessary information. After registering you will receive a zoom link to the meeting.

Daytime presentations: December 16-19 at 1:00pm Eastern Time (use the following link to register)


Evening presentations: December 16-18 at 8:00pm Eastern Time (use the following link to register)


December 16-18 at 10:00pm Eastern Time (use the following link to register)

Guest Speaker 10/27/20

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The Orange County Cadet Squadron is pleased to welcome

Dr. Harry Shaw

Engineer, Space Communications

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

October 27, 2020

In his presentation, Dr. Shaw will discuss his work in Space Communications for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.  He will cover NASA’s space network and how that works, his research within the network, NASA communications programs and advancements. He will also discuss the NASA internship program and his role as a mentor.  A question and answer session will conclude the presentation.

About Dr. Shaw

Dr. Shaw has over 30 years of experience in technology development, computer networking, information theory, microelectronics and space communications, mission planning and proposal development.  He holds two patents:

    • US 8,898,479 B2 11/25/2014 – Integrated Genomic and Proteomic Security Protocol
    • US 6,445,861 B1 9/3/2002 – Sol-Gel Processing to Form Doped


To prepare for the presentation, review Aerospace Dimensions Module 6, Spacecraft, Chapter 1. 

Ruck March for 5 September 2020

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Ruck march on September 5 2020

Address: Drop off will be at the Ridge Road parking area (415-369 Ridge Rd. Rock Tavern, NY 12575) That is the last address on the road before the parking lot. Pick up will be at the Weed Road Parking lot ( Stewart State Forest Parking, Weed, Rd, Rock Tavern NY 12575)

What to bring: Your own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), CAP ID, CAPF 60-80, your 101 card, hydration pack, and snacks.

Uniform of the day: ABUs/BDUs with no blouse, and your choice of ruck boots or sneakers.

If you have any questions please email C/2d Lt. Riley Arns at

Ruck March Confirmation

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I am still waiting for confirmation on your request to attend the Ruck March discussed at last week’s meeting. Please email me as soon as possible confirming your attendance. We will be following safety guidelines regarding Covid-19. My email is

Very Respectfully,
C/1st Lt. Brian Connell

NY Wing Summer Programming Series

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There will be a NY Wing Summer Programming Series starting 20 July 2020.The course is a online introduction to programming. To enroll you must be a CAP NYW cadet with current membership. You need only basic computing skills, access to a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer with internet connection, and permission to install free software to your computer. All relevant information will be at the signup sheet here:

If you have any questions or concerns please email:

C/1st Lt. Brian Connell

West Point Museum Trip – 22 Feb 2020

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The Catskill Mountain Group will going to the West Point Museum for a guided tour on February 22nd, 2020. Everyone will meet at the museum at 1000 with the attached CAPF 60-80 form completed. We will be done at 1300. Please email C/2nd Lt Connell ( and C/SMSgt Racite ( to mark your attendance or if you have any questions or concerns.

C/1st Lt Connell

CAPF 60-80 West Point Trip

Northeast Region Glider Orientation Flights

Now accepting sign ups for glider orientation flights. This activity requires a commitment and has a limited number of available slots. This activity is open to cadets under the age of 18 and slots will be filled giving priority to cadets nearing thec18 year old cut off. We encourage all cadets interested to sign up and will make the announcement of selection by the end of March. To be selected, members must meet the “Active member” requirements of attending a minimum of 50% of meetings and activities, and have all the per-requisites completed.



Christmas Party 17 Dec 2019

This week’s meeting will be our Christmas party! Below are a few reminders:
  • There will be no uniform, civilian attire is appropriate.
  • Families and friends can attend!
  • There will be an ugly sweater contest, wear the ugliest Christmas sweater you have.
  • Alpha flight, everyone in alpha flight bring a drink.
  • Bravo flight, everyone in bravo flight, bring a snack.
  • Charlie flight, everyone in charlie flight, bring a dessert.
Finally, we’ll be setting up tables, etc starting at 6 pm.  If you’re able to arrive early to help, it would be appreciated!
If you have any questions you can email:

Catskill Mountain Group Review Boards



Catskill Mountain Group will be holding a review board on 30 November, 2019. This review board will take place at Signature Flight Support from 1230 to 1500. The following members MUST apply for this review board to the Squadron Commander at no later than 22 November 2019 if you meet one or more of the following criteria:


  1. You have been nominated by the Squadron Commander for an “Of the Year Award”
  2. You are applying for a National Cadet Special Activity (NCSA)
  3. You are applying for a Staff Position listed below at the New York Wing Encampment:
    1. Squadron Commander
    2. Squadron First Sergeant
    3. Officer in Charge (OIC)
    4. Cadet Command Staff (Cadet Commander, Cadet Deputy Commander, Cadet Executive Officer)

Those members who have been selected as the Squadron nominee for an “Of the Year” award have already been notified of their nomination and need to attend this review board.


I recognize that the date of our review boards is prior to the official opening of NCSA applications, but we are up against the 01 DEC deadline set by NYW Cadet Programs.
For those not familiar with this process:


Finally, members attending this review board should contact me as soon as possible for the requirements and what they will need to bring with them. Due to the time crunch on this, Cadets are authorized to contact me directly at with any questions about this process. Make sure when you contact me you “CC” your cadet staff and the Squadron Deputy Commander at


Thank you,


1st Lt Michael Mazanec, CAP

Squadron Commander

Breakfast with Santa and the Air National Guard



We have been requested to help support the Air National Guard and the 105th Airlift Wing with their Breakfast with Santa event they host for their members and families. I am looking for members to assist me with this detail. Please click the link to read more and sign up if you are available.


Date: Saturday, 14 December 2019

Time: 0800-1300

Uniform: ABU/BDU


Thank You,


1st Lt Michael Mazanec, CAP

Squadron Commander

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