Cadet Fest 2019 Information

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As mentioned in the closing formation of our last meeting, Cadet Fest is around the corner. It will be the 26th to the 28th of April. You will need to hand in all documentation and payment at our upcoming meeting.

Here is information and all the forms you will need:

  • Cadet Fest is the cadet’s version of the NYWG Conference. Friday night there will be a safety briefing, followed by Q&A with the Wing CC, and ice breaker activities. Saturday morning you will attend the morning conference where awards and announcements will be made. Afterwards, lunch will be provided. You will then be broken up in teams for cadet competitions, leadership activities, a hike, etc. Once all of that is done, everyone will come back together for the banquet.

Forms (click each individual one):

Registration FormForm 60-80Form 160Form 161Form 163

C/1stLt Gooler
Cadet Commander, NY-030