NY Air National Guard Career Fair

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Cadets and parents are invited to a Career Fair at the 105th Airlift Wing at Stewart Air National Guard Base on May 1st.  As space is limited, this is intended for cadets 16 and up. This is not a CAP event, so uniform wear is not authorized. 

Register by this Friday, April 16th, by emailing date of birth, driver’s license number, and state, or a clear picture of driver’s licenses for all attendees.  You can also call with this information.

Register early to reserve your spot!   


Meeting cancelled tonight

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This evening’s meeting is cancelled due to the road conditions. Cadet leadership, please carry out notifications and report back up chain of command when completed.

Stay safe! 

Oct 15th Open House

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As a reminder, our squadron will be having an Open House next Tuesday in lieu of our regular meeting.  We’ll be meeting at the US Army 2nd Aviation Detachment at Stewart International Airport (see below for directions).  Please invite your friends and family – all are welcome!  

Attached is a flyer – email, post on social media, or print and hand out to help get the word out!  Please use the signup form below so we know how many to expect and what food or beverage everyone is bringing (instructions previously posted on this).    

Open House Sign-up

CAP Open House Flyer

Address: US Army 2nd Aviation Detachment Stewart International Airport, 1005 1st Street, New Windsor, NY    

From the International Boulevard entrance:

1. Make a right on Bruenig Road
2. Make a left on Y St and take to the end
3. Make a right on 1st Street

4. Take until you reach the black metal fence/gate at the corner of the airport. A sign should say 2nd Aviation Detachment West Point.    

From Bruenig Road entrance:

1. Make a right on 1st Street
2. Take the road until it turns to the right
3. On your right, there will be a black fence/gate where it says 2nd Aviation Detachment West Point.

NRA/Winchester Shooting Program – Weekend Date 28 Sept

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If you have not been able to attend the NRA course yet, we’ve scheduled an additional date this Saturday, 28 Sept, starting at 9 am.  See below for instructions and signup.  As a reminder, an adult family member (parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc) must accompany you.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at flynntomj@gmail.com or call 845-762-2119.


2d Lt Tom Flynn

NRA course details & instructions

CAPF 60-80

Signup Form


Fundraising Opportunity with Vendors at Airshow

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We have a fundraising opportunity to work with vendors at the Air Show.  This offer is being extended to senior members and cadets, as well as family members of CAP personnel.  Volunteers will be assisting with the water/soda booths, and on-site training will be provided.

Youth must be at least 14 to participate.  All volunteers will receive free admission, parking in a designated area, and a voucher for two meals (morning and afternoon).  Most importantly however, you’ll be helping our squadron raise much needed funds!  If you’re able to help on Saturday, Sunday, or both days, please register as soon as possible.  If you’ve already signed up through the Wing website, please indicate that on the form and we’ll try to reassign you.

Questions can be directed to 2d Lt Deb Flynn at deb.flynn@ny030.org.  Use the following form to sign up, and thank you for your support of the squadron!

Vendor Signup for Airshow

ES Demo and CAP Display at 4-H Fair and Family Festival

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The squadron will be doing an ES activity (an ELT hunt) and manning a CAP table during the 4-H Fair and Family Festival on 27 July 2019.  This event is open to the public, and families are welcome to attend.  It’s a fun event and will also be a great recruiting opportunity. 

The CAP table will be manned from 9 am to 5 pm and the ES activity will run as we have interested youth.  Volunteers can stay for the day or sign up for the morning or afternoon.  Lunch will be provided.

Please use this sign up form to participate:

Sign Up Form

Event:  CAP Table & ES Demo

When:  Saturday, 27 July, from 9 – 5 pm

Location:  4-H Education Center and Park, 300 Finchville Turnpike, Otisville, NY


Contact for the event:  2d Lt Deborah Flynn, deb.flynn@ny030.org


Volunteer to be a West Point “Cadet Candidate” for a day

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Cadets – passing along an opportunity to volunteer at West Point.



Volunteer to be a “Cadet Candidate”

Friday, 28 June 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Reception Day (R-Day) is an annual event held at the United States Military Academy to receive over 1200 incoming Cadet Candidates to West Point.  This process starts the Cadet Basic Training and leads the new cadets on a road to becoming members of the Corps of Cadets.

Each summer the cadet leadership must rehearse this complex process that transforms 1200 civilians into new cadets.  The Corps of Cadets needs volunteers from the community to help rehearse and go through the process as if they were arriving on R-Day. 

If you are 12 years of age or older and in good health, please sign up and spend a Friday morning at West Point to be part of a storied tradition and help the Corps of Cadets prepared for this historic event.  The online registration is limited to the first 300 volunteers. 

Individuals that do not have a DOD ID card must enter through the Thayer or Stony Lonesome Gates.  Please plan to arrive early due to security searches.  All personnel over 16 years of age must be prepared to present a valid identification when entering West Point.

Volunteers should report to Eisenhower Hall no later than 8:30 a.m. on Friday, 28 June 2019 with a completed volunteer agreement form (parking is available vicinity Eisenhower Hall).  The rehearsal begins promptly at 9 a.m. and concludes with lunch in the Cadets Mess Hall from 12 to 1 p.m.  Participants should dress comfortably in proper seasonal attire, bring a water bottle and bring one piece of luggage / duffel bag no larger than a standard carry-on.  Mark luggage with your name to simulate that of a cadet candidate reporting for duty. 

You are welcome to bring a snack and carry it in your bag along with a bottle of water.  However, you will not be allowed to readily access your bag until the rehearsal is over. Water will be available throughout the rehearsal and the cadets will be aware of the environmental strains on the volunteers. 

Your support is greatly appreciated and is a crucial element to the success of R-Day.  It is guaranteed to be a fun-filled day that you will remember for years to come. 

Please note: if you will be a member of the incoming USMA Class of 2023, you may not participate in this event. 

Sign up at the link below.  Site will go active 3 June 2019: https://candidate.usma.edu/guest/rdayvol/rday_vol_init.cfm

If you have any additional questions after registration or need to cancel, please contact Ms. Catherine Weidenhof at catherine.weidenhof@westpoint.edu or (845) 938-8686.