Urgent Email

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Please check your email address listed for CAP for memo from the commander, and follow instructions in the email.

Thank You,

Capt Mazanec

Final Call for April 25th Glider Flights!

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This is the final call for members of the Orange County Cadet Squadron to sign up for Glider Orientation Flights at Farmers Pride Airport in Pennsylvania. We have 5 remaining slots for cadets to fly. If the slots are not filled by the 15th of March, I will be opening up to other units in our group to participate. Departure from Orange County Airport is at 0400 and return is approx 1800. Additional info is available in the original blog post, on the sign up sheet, or by contacting the Squadron Commander.


Please complete this form:        https://forms.gle/rfK9vFsn9kGRzock6


Thank You,


Capt Michael Mazanec, CAP

Orange County Cadet Squadron Commander

Northeast Region Glider Orientation Flights

Now accepting sign ups for glider orientation flights. This activity requires a commitment and has a limited number of available slots. This activity is open to cadets under the age of 18 and slots will be filled giving priority to cadets nearing thec18 year old cut off. We encourage all cadets interested to sign up and will make the announcement of selection by the end of March. To be selected, members must meet the “Active member” requirements of attending a minimum of 50% of meetings and activities, and have all the per-requisites completed.





Catskill Mountain Group Review Boards



Catskill Mountain Group will be holding a review board on 30 November, 2019. This review board will take place at Signature Flight Support from 1230 to 1500. The following members MUST apply for this review board to the Squadron Commander at mike.mazanec@ny030.org no later than 22 November 2019 if you meet one or more of the following criteria:


  1. You have been nominated by the Squadron Commander for an “Of the Year Award”
  2. You are applying for a National Cadet Special Activity (NCSA)
  3. You are applying for a Staff Position listed below at the New York Wing Encampment:
    1. Squadron Commander
    2. Squadron First Sergeant
    3. Officer in Charge (OIC)
    4. Cadet Command Staff (Cadet Commander, Cadet Deputy Commander, Cadet Executive Officer)

Those members who have been selected as the Squadron nominee for an “Of the Year” award have already been notified of their nomination and need to attend this review board.


I recognize that the date of our review boards is prior to the official opening of NCSA applications, but we are up against the 01 DEC deadline set by NYW Cadet Programs.
For those not familiar with this process:


Finally, members attending this review board should contact me as soon as possible for the requirements and what they will need to bring with them. Due to the time crunch on this, Cadets are authorized to contact me directly at mike.mazanec@ny030.org with any questions about this process. Make sure when you contact me you “CC” your cadet staff and the Squadron Deputy Commander at ezra.kuliszewski@ny030.org


Thank you,


1st Lt Michael Mazanec, CAP

Squadron Commander

Breakfast with Santa and the Air National Guard



We have been requested to help support the Air National Guard and the 105th Airlift Wing with their Breakfast with Santa event they host for their members and families. I am looking for members to assist me with this detail. Please click the link to read more and sign up if you are available.


Date: Saturday, 14 December 2019

Time: 0800-1300

Uniform: ABU/BDU




Thank You,


1st Lt Michael Mazanec, CAP

Squadron Commander

Air Force Shadow Day

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We have been invited on base to shadow/follow the Air Force and the Air National Guard around for the day to learn about their duties/jobs. This event has been opened up to all cadets in Catskill Mountain Group. Please download the attached memo and read all the details prior to signing up.After reading, please use the sign up form below as well.

Thank You,

1st Lt Mazanec

AF Day



Squadron Assessment

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Attached is a google form for a squadron assessment. Using the Stop, Start, Continue method – I would like you all to take the time to fill out an honest assessment of your unit. I want you to evaluate everything the unit does and tell me if we should stop doing it, continue doing it, or start doing something new.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to be able to tell us what you think of the program. I am also curious to hear about suggestions for new things to do.

Please click here to access the assessment form.

Thank you for your time and dedication to this program!

1st Lt Michael Mazanec


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We are participating in the New York Wing TRAEX which will be a Air Force graded exercise. If you are able to participate, please read and fill out the form at the link below. Additional information is listed on the sign up sheet.

Sign up below


Thank You!

1st Lt Michael P. Mazanec, CAP
Squadron Commander
Orange County Cadet Squadron
(C) 845.837.2830
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

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